Fan Art Friday – Meet Jenza of House Serenno

Remember Madison Thames incredible portrait of young Jedi Dooku? Well, she’s done it again!

Cavan’s Dooku: Jedi Lost introduced Jenza to the Star Wars galaxy, a young lady who plays a prominent role in Dooku’s life… and in his turning from the Light.

Madison was once again inspired to pick up the paint brush to create this stunning portrait, which is a perfect match for her rendition of Dooku himself – which, if you missed, you can see here.)

Make sure to stop by Madison’s page and check out her other works!

We can almost see them hanging in pride of place in Castle Serenno.

Following Madison’s reveal of her artwork on Wednesday, Twitter user Anıl Şerifoğlu correctly identified the reference Madison used, Turkish actress Cansu Dere.

If you’ve created artwork based on any of Cavan’s works, Star Wars or otherwise, make sure to tag him on Twitter or Instagram and you just may see your work pop up on Fan Art Friday!


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