Story Fix Interview – Talking interactive fiction and Star Wars Choose Your Destiny

I chatted to The Story Fix about interactive fiction, focusing on Star Wars Choose Your Destiny.

We chat a bit about the process of constructing the books, including the mechanics of a gamebook, plus writing for Star Wars in general.

Here’s an excerpt:

What do you write the books in? A good old fashioned word processor, or do you use any branching narrative tools?

I start by mapping out the plot and the various paths using a  mind-mapping programme called Scapple. Then, when it comes to the actual writing, I transfer over to Scrivener, which is my writing software of choice for prose.

Each section or scene has its own ‘card’, which can be easily moved around. Once I’m pretty happy with a draft, I output it to Word, which puts everything in order and allows me to edit it as a whole before submitting to Lucasfilm Publishing for their notes.

Read more over at The Story Fix.

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