Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day Preview

Previews World has released a, well, preview of this year’s Star Wars Adventure Free Comic Book Day issue, out May 4th.

The stars have aligned: This year, Free Comic Book Day coincides with Star Wars Day! Han and Chewie race against pirates in a search for one of three identical droids that contain the location of a legendary treasure. But what our favorite smugglers don’t know is the other two droids are booby trapped! Trickery and double-crosses abound in this original story set before A New Hope! May the Fourth be with you!

Here it is, complete with it’s logo-tastic cover! As you’ll see, it has everything. Han. Chewie. Lina Graf. Crater. One of my favourite droids from the Clone Wars. Some Legends refs. Lieutenant Hudd’s first name…


Find out what happens next on Free Comic Book Day!

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