Tales From Vader’s Castle #4

Issue 4 of Tales From Vader’s Castle features characters I’ve wanted to write since I first saw Return of the Jedi 35-years ago. From that day on, I absolutely loved the Ewoks.

I’ve never understood the hatred for the little furry murderbears. Yes, yes, they’re short and hairy, but they’re also no dafter than other Star Wars aliens. And yes, they sold toys and books, but to be honest, isn’t that what Star Wars has always done?

Besides, and here’s the rub, have you seen them?

These things will literally eat you. Even if you’re an armour-clad stormtrooper. Especially if you’re an armour-clad stormtrooper. They’ll catch you, cook you and then play bongos on your blood-stained space helmets.

10-year-old me thought the Ewoks were cool, and 45-year-old me agrees.

Which is why I fought tooth and Endorian nail to have an Ewok story in Tales From Vader’s CastleOK, fought is a little strong – there wasn’t that much opposition although I think there was some concern. I’m really proud of how it came out, which has a lot to do with artist Robert Hack and colourist Charlie Kirchoff.

Here’s a preview of the issue. The story picks up where we left off with Hudd in danger (and art by series regular Derek Charm). Then we head for the moon of Endor where young Chirpa the Ewok faces the Night of the Gorax.

Tales From Vader’s Castle #4 is available from all good comic stores and digitally from Comixology, Amazon, Google Play or iBooks.

And if you have any questions or want to chat about the issue, please leave a comment below. I’m happy to chat – especially about Ewoks!

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