DOTHA Interview #15 – Brian Level

Next in a series of mini-interviews with the creators of the Death of the Horror Anthologyavailable to support RIGHT NOW on Kickstarter.

Today, we talk writer Brain Level…

Hello fellow DOTHA creator. Please introduce yourself and your story in the collection…

Hey! I’m Brian Level and my story is called Goodnight Stars.

What do you find scarier in horror stories: inhuman monsters or monstrous humans?

Geez, I don’t know… I guess it’s all in execution. The unknown and unknowable are always the most rattling to me. Even down to not knowing why I’m even afraid. I remember being frightened by the ceiling fan in the pilot for Twin Peaks and taking until Fire Walk With Me to understand why it was scary. So I suppose it’s more about primal reflex and less about thinking. Both can do it equally well for me.

What scary movie, book or comic do you think every horror fan should experience?

Book – technically a short story, but Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony.” Such a tense experience.

Comic – Strange Embrace by David Hine. Masterful control over the audience.

Movie – Kill List from Ben Wheatley and Alice Lowe. A descent into absolute evil.

Tell me something cool about your DOTHA story.

There are a lot of secrets to decipher if you feel like working at it.

What’s your top tip for creating a scary story?

Make sense of it all after you let the ideas take hold of you. Having a genuinely frightening idea is such a great experience but I feel like it’s easy to micromanage it and pull all it’s teeth. Let the fear stay. Don’t solve everything for everyone. Let it linger in the air.


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