DOTHA Interview #10 – Val Halvorson

Next in a series of mini-interviews with the creators of the Death of the Horror Anthologyavailable to support RIGHT NOW on Kickstarter.

Today, we talk to Val Halvorson…

Hello fellow DOTHA creator. Please introduce yourself and your story in the collection…

I go by Val Halvorson and I did the art for Hallowed with Stephanie Cannon writing, and Zak Samm lettering

What do you find scarier in horror stories: inhuman monsters or monstrous humans?

I like inhuman monsters mainly because I really like designing them and I think they’re a lot more mysterious and intriguing. I’m personally a fan of having both, though, specifically with having the inhuman monster being more well-meaning than the monstrous humans (see Hellraiser).

What scary movie, book or comic do you think every horror fan should experience?

I got a lot of horror movies for recs but here’s my top 5: Hellraiser, The Thing, Jacob’s Ladder, Alien, and The Fly.
For comics, Uzumaki by Junji Ito is a classic.
As for books, this one’s less outright horror and more mind-bendy but House of Leaves really unnerved me and is great at using its own medium.

Tell me something cool about Hallowed.

We’ve got a really cool reveal at the end!

What’s your top tip for creating a scary story?

Atmosphere is everything and I think it’s important to build up to your big moments to really be able to sell them. Patience is key when it comes to horror.


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