Tales From Vader’s Castle #2

This is the issue that started it all.

Sitting in the San Diego Marina hotel, Lucasfilm Publishing’s creative director Michael Siglain told me how he’d love to produce a halloween special featuring Count Dooku, the Sith Lord so sinisterly played by horror legend Christopher Lee.

As a Hammer horror nut, I leapt on the idea and the conversations kept coming, the idea evolving eventually into Tales From Vader’s Castle.

Issue two hits comic stores today, seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi facing down a twisted version of Darth Tyranus in Count Dooku, Prince of Darkness.

Here’s a preview of the issue:

There’s another little Adventures in Wild Space mention there, as we find out that Milo is now working for Alliance intelligence.

As with issue one, the framing story art is by Derek Smith, while Kelley Jones provides the art for the Kenobi and Dooku tale. To say that I was excited to be working with Kelley was an understatement. The guy is a legend and one of my favourite Batman artists of all time.

Oh, and in honour of today’s release, this fellow was displayed on my desk, making sure that I kept working!

I’ve always resisted buying any of the Star Wars Unleashed figures, mainly because I was worried that my collecting gene would kick in and I’d have to get them all, but the Dooku is sooo good.

Of course, now I want the Ventress figure… and the Vader… and the Obi-Wan.

Oh dear. What have I done?

Anyway, Tales From Vader’s Castle #2 is available from all good comic stores and digitally from Comixology, Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes. And if you have any questions or want to chat about the issue, please leave a comment below. I’m happy to chat!

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  1. Great story! I LOVED those Unleashed figures. I have all the Sith, and Grievous. I had an extra Ventress I could’ve given you, but I recently gave it away. 🙁 BTW — they just released a really cool Kylo Ren & Snoke. It’s not under the “Unleashed” title, but they’re super cool.

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