DOTHA Interview #6 – Lonnie Nadler

Next in a series of mini-interviews with the creators of the Death of the Horror Anthologyavailable to support RIGHT NOW on Kickstarter.

Today, we talk to Lonnie Nadler…

Hello fellow DOTHA creator. Please introduce yourself and your story in the collection…

I’m Lonnie Nadler. I write pretty much everything but mostly comic books, journalism, and movies. I also direct movies.

I guess I’m best known for my book The Dregs, which was published by Black Mask Studios in 2017, and for my work on Cable and X-Men Black at Marvel. My current books on the stands are Come Into Me and Her Infernal Descent.

The name of our story for DOTHA is Her Watchful Eyes.

What do you find scarier in horror stories: inhuman monsters or monstrous humans?

I typically have a penchant for monstrous humans or supernatural entities, but I would argue that monsters that reflect the ugly side of humanity are just as good. Monsters just for the sake of monstrosity bore me.

What scary movie, book or comic do you think every horror fan should experience?

For movies, I would say something classic like The Innocents and something off-kilter like Lost Highway. It’s important to know the roots, but also how to break from tradition.

For books, I would say Frankenstein. It’s my favorite book of all time and one of the first true horror novels.

For comic books, I suggest Uzumaki or From Hell.

Tell me something cool about Her Watchful Eyes…

It’s a Southern Gothic story about a callow young boy and his deceased mother. If you like Flannery O’Connor or movies like Night of the Hunter, you’ll probably get a kick out of this. Craig Cermak, the artist, is crushing it.

What’s your top tip for creating a scary story?

Know what scares you and find ways to re-create that experience for the reader/audience. And, cliched imagery loses its impact on audiences, so smash cliches as often as possible.


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