Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space Audiobooks

The entire Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series is now available on audio book!

Released by Blackstone Publishing, the series is split across two MP3 CDs. Volume 1 features The Escape, The Snare and The Heist by your’s truly, as well as The Nest by Tom Huddlestone. Volume 2 completes the set with The Dark and The Rescue by Tom, and The Cold by me.

Here are the covers.

The unabridged books are read by actress January LaVoy, who does an amazing job breathing life into Lina and Milo’s adventures. I’m listening to her read The Escape as I type this!

If you want a sneak preview, check out this YouTube video:

Both volumes are available from all good bookstores, including Amazon. Follow the links to get yours:

Buy Volume 1
Buy Volume 2

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