Recent interviews: Talking Star Wars, Pacific Rim, comics and more on The Cosmic Shed, Fortress of Comic News and Future of the Force

Over the last month or so, I’ve been popping up all over the internet. Here’s some of my latest interviews, podcast appearances and video chats…

The Cosmic Shed

Way back on May 4th, I was interviewed in a shed. Yes, that’s right, an actual shed.

And here it is…

Actually, inside it’s all rather lovely, with comfy chairs and cups of tea.

It’s the home of the Cosmic Shed podcast and I was there to talk Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Blake’s 7 and more with hosts Andrew and Timon.

You can hear our chat by popping over to the Cosmic Shed website.

Fortress of Comic News

More recently, I appeared on the Fortress of Comic News vid-cast talking Star Wars, Doctor Who and how to untangle un-untanglable continuities.

You can watch it right here.

Future of the Force

I was also interviewed by Brad at Future of the Force about my Star Wars work.

Here’s a little sample:

How long have you been a Star Wars fan?
Ever since my Grandma bought me my first Star Wars figure. Granted I had no idea who Obi-Wan Kenobi was at the time, but old Ben looked the coolest grey-haired grandad in the Galaxy.

Then I discovered Marvel UK’s Star Wars Weekly, which reprinted the US comics in glorious black and white. This was all before I saw my first Star Wars movie in the cinema – The Empire Strikes Back. I was very upset that Jaxxon wasn’t in it!

You can read the entire interview here.

More interviews coming soon!

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