Star Wars Adventures #10 preview

Star Wars Adventures #10 hits comic stores today, featuring the beginning of a new two-part story by me and artist Derek Charm.

The action picks up where Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day edition left off, with Han and Chewie being pursued by Zuckuss and 4-Lom’s Mist Hunter (but don’t worry, if you didn’t get chance to pick up the free issue, you’ll still be able to follow the story.)

Here’s the solicit:

Han and Chewie are on the run from bounty hunters and take refuge on a planet that mysteriously shuts down all electronics. With no way off the planet, will our favorite scruffy duo be able to evade their pursuers?

And here’s a handy preview of the first few pages featuring Derek’s awesome art:

The issue also features Family Affair Part One, a fantastic Lando story by the fab Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet and drawn by Elsa, with colors by Sarah Stern and letters by Tom B. Long, who also lettered Powered Down.

Oh, and check out Elsa’s Lando-tastic variant cover.

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