Just announced: Star Wars Choose Your Destiny – A Luke and Leia Adventure

The second Star Wars Choose Your Destiny book has just been announced as part of the upcoming Flight of the Falcon series. I’m working with Elsa Charretier again on a new story starring none other than Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa… and more.

I’d just like to pause there just to consider the fact that I’ve typed those words… I’m writing Luke and Leia. Childhood dream realised. And in a story where the plucky pair steal the Millennium Falcon too!

Choose Your Destiny – A Luke and Leia Adventure will be published by Lucasfilm Publishing this autumn. And, like A Han and Chewie Adventure, the new gamebook features one canon path and a host of alternate endings.

There are loads of other great books in the series too, including Star Wars: Lando’s Luck by Justina Ireland with illustrations by Annie Wu, and Star Wars: Pirate’s Price, a Han and Chewie adventure by the awesome Lou Anders… and that’s just the beginning!

Check out the launch announcement at starwars.com!


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