Planning Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension

Volume one of Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension comes out on February 20, and to celebrate, I sat down with my co-writers George Mann and Nick Abadzis to discuss how we pulled together the main six issues of last year’s big comic event from Titan Comics.

The result is this roundtable on io9 which also includes Nick’s amazing brainstorming doodles!

We discuss the ideas that made it, plus some that didn’t (including a potential returning villain from the Third Doctor’s rogue gallery), and also wax lyrical about Rachael Stott’s incredible designs for Jenny’s armour…

Here’s an extract from the interviews, in which George discusses the creative process:

It was a lovely melange of ideas, from three hoary old Doctor Who fans still very much in love with the show. It was great that we were all able to trust each other so quickly, and all felt very much at ease throwing in ideas (some of which were very outlandish). That melting pot formed the basis of a really strong narrative, I think, and it’s great that we all contributed ideas that made it right through to the end. It’s very much a team effort.

Of course, I now want to get us t-shirts with the words ‘Hoary Old Doctor Who Fan’ emblazoned over our chests…

You can read the full discussion here. 





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