Twilight’s End

Big Finish Productions have released Doctor Who: Twilight’s End by Mark Wright and yours truly on general release.

Originally released as an exclusive title free to anyone subscribing to the Doctor Who Main Range, Twilight’s End provides a coda to our series of Forge audio dramas, which started with Project: Twilight in 2001.

The short story itself was taken from the 2008 Short Trips collection, Defining Patterns and was written to tie-into an earlier version of Project: Destiny that was planned, but never produced.

Here’s the official blurb:

A wonder of modern technology; the vast, secure building waits.

A part of the building’s very fabric; the advanced computer Oracle waits for a face its systems recognise.

And at the heart of this steel, concrete, cable and flesh; a figure thought long-dead waits for a visitor.

Nimrod has one last meeting with his Doctor…

This 30-minute audiobook, read by Beth Chalmers, is available from the Big Finish website for the princely sum of £2.25.


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