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New interview alert! Artist Derek Charm and yours truly talk to Dan Brooks over at about our shiny new Star Wars Adventures comic.

I start off by talking about Rey, the star of our first arc:

She’s a survivor, but a survivor who hasn’t sacrificed her sense of right and wrong while trying to scratch out an existence in the harshest of conditions. I think some of the most powerful moments for me came right at the beginning of the film when we see her alone in her wrecked AT-AT walker. You can see her resilience, but soon find out that, even though she’s lived a difficult life, she still wants to help people, putting their needs ahead of her own.

It was so much fun to go back to a time where she has yet to meet BB-8 and Finn. Jakku seems such a well-rounded world in The Force Awakens, so I wanted to delve more into the life of a scavenger and the community at Niima Outpost. And when you deal with Niima, you have to deal with Unkar Plutt who plays a big part in Star Wars Adventures’ first arc.

Plus, I also got to sneak in my favorite Niima resident — Bobbajo. I love that little crittermonger. I can’t believe we haven’t got an action figure of him yet. I need one to go with the Rey and Plutt toys in my study!

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(By the way, do I still have a fanboy moment to be interviewed on the official Star Wars website? You bet I do!!)

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