Star Wars Reads at Cardiff Children’s Literary Festival

I had a great time yesterday at the Cardiff Children’s Literacy Festival, larking around on stage with my Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space cohort, Tom Huddleston.

The event took place in National Museum Cardiff’s fantastic Reardon Smith Theatre. Look how gorgeous it is!

Tom and I had fun with the first of our Star Wars Reads shows (the second taking place on 30th April as part of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival). We introduced the characters from Adventures in Wild Space, led quizzes (spotting the dads sneakily trying to check the answers on their phones in the audience. I’m sure that kind of thing leads to the Dark Side!), had kids on stage doing Wookiee and Darth Vader impressions, and read from the books. Tom even sneaked in a top-secret reading from the upcoming sixth book in the series, The Rescue!

After a frenetic hour on stage, it was signing time in the Museum lobby, pausing to stop for the obligatory book pose, of course!

It was a great day all around, topped off with the perfect memento of a day in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


Oh, and Tom showed me the cover of The Rescue while we were waiting to go on. Isn’t this amazing?

The Rescue is out on May 4th (of course) and available from all good bookshops, including Amazon.


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