Writing Deep Space Nine for Star Trek Waypoint

IDW published their May solicits yesterday, including the news that I’ve written a 10-page Deep Space Nine story for Star Trek Waypoint #5.

Working with artist Joshua Hood, it’s a bit of a dream come true. I’ve loved Trek ever since I saw Wrath of Khan as a kid. The movies were my entry point into the Star Trek universe, followed by The Next Generation. By the time Deep Space Nine aired, I was a card-carrying Trekker, complete with communicator pin on my jacket and replica phaser on my desk!

IDW editor supreme Sarah Gaydos invited me to pitch for Waypoint at SDCC 2015 and this is the result, a story that focuses on Dr. Bashir and is set during the first season, not long after the pilot episode, EmissaryAll the gang’s there, with appearances from Sisko, Kira, Dax, O’Brien and, of course, Odo.

There are a number of variant covers for the issue.

First is this beauty from Simon Roy for his Original Series story, also found in the issue. (Order code: MAR170491)


Then comes Tony Shasteen’s wonderful cover, which puts Bashir and Odo front and centre. And so many aliens. Look at all the aliens! (Order code: MAR170492)


Finally we have a DS9 photo cover:


Here’s the full solicit:

Star Trek: Waypoint #5 (of 6)
Simon Roy, Cavan Scott (w) • Simon Roy, Josh Hood (a) • Simon Roy (c)
Star Trek: Waypoint continues its celebration of Star Trek with two new tales. Simon Roy (Prophet) takes on the Prime Directive in an Original Series story, while writer Cavan Scott (Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes) and artist Josh Hood (Star Trek: Deviations, We Can Never Go Home) focus on Doctor Bashir in a thought-provoking Deep Space Nine tale.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • In store: May 31, 2017

More info soon, but in the meantime, please pre-order at maximum warp!

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