Reading Recovery at Air Balloon Hill Primary School

FullSizeRender 5This morning I had the pleasure of popping back to my former Patron of Reading school, Air Balloon Hill Primary School in St George, Bristol. I was there to participate in the Reading Recovery scheme, listening to students read out loud. Thanks to Ayman and Macy for reading their books to me with such enthusiasm.

It’s such a great scheme, run by the wonderful Erica Rooney at Air Balloon. Reading Recovery helps children aged five or six who struggle with reading and involves a series of one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes every day with a specially trained teacher.

Also listening to the children was Air Balloon’s new Patron of Reading, Mark Lemon of Lemon Drop Books, who’s heading back for a signing this afternoon. He’s going to have fun. Air Balloon is an exciting, vibrant school with great kids.

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