Star Wars The Escape available in the US and Canada as an ebook

OK brace yourself people – there’s going to be a number of plugs over the next few days! Sorry! But, hey, they might help you with your Christmas shopping.

Today, I’m pleased to say that The Escape, the special ‘prequel’ to Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space is finally available in the US and Canada as an ebook.

It even has a stylish new cover:


Here are the links, first of all for Amazon US, and also Barnes and Noble.

Here are five short facts about The Escape:

  1. It introduces brand new characters to the Star Wars canon in the form of Lina, Milo, CR-8R (Crater to his friends) and Morq.
  2. The book was one of ten books published for World Book Day 2016.
  3. It went on to become a number one UK Bestseller in April this year.
  4. The Escape leads straight into the first book in the Adventures in Wild Space series, The Snare, which is out in the UK now and available in the States and Canada from January.
  5. I grinned like a loon as I got to write the words ‘speeder bike’ and ‘stormtroopers’ for the very first time!

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