Vikings Issue 4 hits the shelves

Issue 4 of Vikings is out today from Titan Comics. With a script by me and art by Staz Johnson, this wraps up our first mini-series with events in Wessex and Kattegat reaching crisis points.

Vikings 4 Preview 1

Vikings 4 Preview 2

Vikings 4 Preview 3

Here are all the variant covers:




This issue also features the third and final part of my interview with Vikings showrunner, Michael Hirst.

It’s been great working with Staz on the art for this series, who is now off doing amazing work on as yet unannounced projects. As for Vikings, we’re back with Uprising in October, where I’ll be teaming up with new series artist Daniel Indro. I’ve been writing issue three and four this week and having a ball!

But for now, pick up issue four of Vikings: Godhead in all good comic shops or from Comixology US and UK!



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