Vikings #2 out today, plus meet Ragnar, Rollo and Floki the gerbils!

It’s new comic book day, by Thor, and issue two of Vikings hits the stores.

Check out this preview of the first few pages, with art by Staz Johnson.

Vikings_02_Preview Vikings_02_Preview2 Vikings_02_Preview3

Find out what happens next by picking up issue 2 from your friendly neighbourhood comic book dealer, or via Comixology US or UK.

In the meantime, check out these fabulous gerbils owned by Vikings fan and top journo Jayne Nelson. They all have very familiar names!

Here’s Rollo, looking for trouble as usual:



Meanwhile Ragnar has a stretch as Floki watching from his coconut cave:


See, not only do you get awesome Vikings action today, you also get cute gerbils pics! This is the blog that keeps on giving!

Vikings_2_A_Staz Vikings_2_photo_2 Vikings_2_photo

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