Gnasher’s daughter Gnora, Minnie-Cabs and dodging out of fun runs in this week’s Beano…

I’m on the way to Big Finish Day in Slough today. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there, but if you’re not coming along then why not rush out to the newsagent to pick up this week’s Beano.

OK, so that wasn’t the smoothest of links, but I have got three strips in this week’s issue.

First up, is Gnasher and Gnipper, with words by me and art by Barrie Appleby. This week we bring back a blast from the past, Gnasher’s daughter Gnora!


Next up, in Minnie the Minx with art by Nigel Parkinson, Minnie launches a, well, Minnie-cab service…


Finally, working again with Barrie, Roger needs to dodge his way out of a not-so-fun-run with his Dad…


Find out what happens with all three stories in this week’s Beano, on sale now!


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