Roger unveils the Dodge-Copter in this week’s Beano

It’s all change behind the scenes on the Beano, as we reach the last of my run of weekly Roger the Dodger strips with Roger getting a new toy, the Dodge-Copter.


I’ve loved coming up with Roger’s scams and dodges – 66 in all – but now pass the black and red-checked baton to Andy Fanton as I move onto my new regular gig as the Minnie the Minx writer. Yes! My favourite Beano character! Min-tastic!

I’m also taking over Gnasher and Gnipper, with Stu Munro making his debut as Bananaman’s new scribe this week, after my run of 54 Man of Peel mis-adventures. A big thank you to Wayne Thompson who has drawn each and every Bananaman I’ve written, plus many of my Rogers. It was good working with you buddy and hopefully we will again soon!

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to pick up this week’s Beano!



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