Doctor Who Panel to Panel Podcast interviews

Panel2PanelNeed something to listen to today? Then, I’ve got just the podcast for you! Jeremy Bement has released a double episode of his Doctor Who Panel to Panel podcast in honour of the Ninth Doctor comic.

First up, Jeremy interviews me about writing the Ninth Doctor mini-series, plus how I first got into writing Doctor Who with m’colleague Mark Wright, the difference between writing audio and comics, and how I became a comic fan in the first place.

You can listen to the episode here.

Moving on, episode two stars my Partner in Time, artist Blair Shedd. Blair talks about landing Doctor Who gigs at both IDW and Titan, describes how we’ve been working together, and also lifts the lid on the methods he uses to create the wonderful art for the comic, including how he developed his trademark colouring style.

Blair’s episode can be found here.

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