Introducing Banana-Hound and Octo the Dodge-pus in this week’s Beano!

A couple of new pets bound into my Beano strips this week.

First up, Bananaman introduces a new super-powered pooch, Banana-hound! Here he is, by artist Wayne Thompson.

Bananaman - Bananahound

He’s got a nose for trouble that one!

Later in the issue, Roger the Dodger’s new aquatic pal lends a hand – or should that be tentacle?


He’s no sucker! Art from Barrie Appleby. there.

Actually, inspiration for Octo came from my friend Gareth L. Powell. I was struggling for inspiration one morning and so asked some of my writer chums to fire some random words at me. Gareth’s list included ‘octopus’ and Octo was born! Thanks Gareth!

Remember, you don’t need eight arms to grab this week’s Beano!

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