Snaffles is back in the Moonfish Mystery

Snaffles Moonfish hiHere we go again! My fourth Fiction Express interactive ebook has just this minute launched.

Snaffles and the Moonfish Mystery sees the world’s greatest cat burglar in action once again, aided and abetted by his pin-brained sidekick, Bonehead!

As always, it’s going to be a hectic five weeks.

School children all over the world will be reading chapter one today. They then vote on the three possible outcomes to the cliffhanger. The votes are collated on Tuesday and I write chapter two, which is uploaded next Friday and the process starts again. Who knows where the story will go this time? (Well, I’ll give you a clue – we’re going to the moon, kids!)

And check out that great cover by one of my comic book heroes, Hunt Emerson! If I wanted a cheap pun I would say that it’s out of this world. Boom boom etc!

Here the blurb for the story:

Snaffles the Cat Burglar is back – and this time he has a fishy mystery to solve.

All over the globe, fish are attacking people. From sardines to sharks, no one is safe – not even the world’s greatest cat burglar.

Can Snaffles and his dozy bulldog sidekick discover who is transforming Earth’s friendly fish into furious freaks?

And why are all eyes on the Moon?

Find out in Snaffles and Bonehead’s new cosmic adventure!

Go, go Snaffles!


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