Minnie the Minx plans a surprise, Bananaman puts his super-feet up and Roger takes to the stage in this week’s Beano

It’s Beano day! The new issue is out featuring three of my scripts.

First up, is Minnie the Minx, who has always been my favourite Beano character (don’t tell Bananaman!). In this week’s strip Minnie is planning a surprise for her long suffering Dad, but is that a nice surprise or a be-in-fear-for-your-life kind of surprise?

Art is by the great Nigel Parkinson, who gives us fab panels like this:


Next up is Bananaman, who is persuaded by his arch-enemies that, according to new EU law, all superheroes must take a tea-break. Unfortunately for General Blight and his baddie buddies, a relaxing Bananaman turns out to be an even bigger pest than a crime-fighting one!


It was good to get the villainous Auntie in there too, with art by the ever-awesome Wayne Thompson.

Finally, Roger the Dodger has stars in his eyes as the school play is cast – but is he really leading man material?


Barrie Appleby provides the art for this Shakespearean tragedy, which also sees other Beano stars taking to the stage.

Grab you copy today!



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