Roger the Dodger meet Nuke Noodle and Bananaman faces Captain Cream in this week’s Beano!

Some ideas take a long time to germinate.

I first had the notion of Roger the Dodger tackling a wrestler way back in February 2014, but just couldn’t make it stick. Then, a few months back, flicking back through my notebook I found the words ‘Roger the Wrestler’ and this week’s Beano script was born.

Desperate to see his favourite wrestler, Roger dons a disguise as El Dodgo, only to find himself in the ring!


I was also pleasantly surprised to see Nuke Noodle in Barrie Appleby’s finished art. As you can see below, the original script had Roger rushing to see a Mexican wrestler called ‘El Bruiso’:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 17.50.35

In the Beano office, John Anderson cleverly swapped the tough-guy for the former star of the Dandy as a little easter egg for long-term readers.


A big thumbs up from me there!

Elsewhere in the issue, Bananaman comes face to face with Captain Cream in a script that saw me trying to cram every type of cream I could! Artist Wayne Thompson had pots of fun with it and, thanks to the Beano, you can read it for free, right now!


Once you’ve read that, why not read the rest? Grab your Beano today!



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