New Adventure Time Comic Strip – Swap or Not

AT_Swap_or_Not_1We’re big Jake and Finn fans in this house, so I’m chuffed to say that I’ve written a new 8-page comic strip for Titan comic’s Adventure Time magazine.

Swap or Not sees Princess Bubblegum messing around with a tricky purple hole. You know, one of those rifts in the very fabric of the universe that no one should ever jump through. Of course, it’s not long before Finn and Jake jump through the pesky thing and get their powers scrambled.

Well, Finn gets shape-shifting powers and Jake gets… long hair.

Zachary Sterling provides the art and Annie Parkhouse the lettering. And best of all, it’s just the first of a number of Adventure Time strips I’ve written!

I’ll blog more on about the upcoming strips when they’re on the way.


In the meantime, Adventure Time issue 20 is out right now! 

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