Signing Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 at Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on 11th March

Ninth-Doc-CoverThe countdown has officially begun for Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor.

Issue One is out on Wednesday 11th March and if you’d like a signed copy, I’ll be appearing at Bristol’s Forbidden Planet Megastore between 6 – 7pm.

Come along and say hi to pick up your signed copy!

Check out further details at the Forbidden Planet website, and keep checking back for news about more events during the launch week.


More Ninth Doctor news and links

Image-1In the meantime, the mini-series continues to make a splash online. Here’s a quick round up of the last week’s news:

Doctor Who audio reviews

masters-of-earth-coverIn other Doctor Who news, Masters of War, by Mark Wright and yours truly, has received a stonking review in Doctor Who Magazine. In his review, Matt Michael says:

Big Finish has mined the imagery of The Dalek Invasion of Earth before… However, it’s to the credit of writers Mark Wright and Cavan Scott that Masters of Earth never feels stale… Wright and Scott add even more tension when Peri is infected by a Varga thorn, turning this into a genuinely desperate race against time, with all the grim horror of one of those early 1960s British sci-fi horror movies.

Finally, The Highest Science, my first Doctor Who audio as Producer, receives the thumbs up over at Sci-Fi Bulletin. According to reviewer Paul Simpson, The Highest Science is a “welcome dose of nostalgia – but with enough reworking for the format to keep it fresh!”

That left me with a happy smile on his face, unlike my own diddy Ninth, who is still looking distinctly unsure about the latest arrival on my desk. Is this the Face of Groot?




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