Out today: Snaffles and the Crystal Christmas Pudding Part One

Snaffles-crimbo-loIt’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

Ahem, sorry. Got a little carried away. I love Christmas. All the mince pies and the decorations and the mince pies and the carols and the mince pies and the lights and the, er, mince pies.

OK, I really like mince pies.

Seriously though, I’m really excited to have written this year’s Fiction Express Christmas story, especially as it sees the return of everyone’s favourite feline, Snaffles the Cat Burglar.

Here’s the blurb:

Snaffles the Cat Burglar strikes again! Last time we saw Snaffles, he was after the bejewelled Sensational Salmon of Sumatra. In this festive romp, the feline felon’s new target is the world-famous Crystal Christmas Pudding. Intended to be a very special present for Her Majesty the Queen, will Snaffles and his dozy canine sidekick, Bonehead, get their paws on the prize? You decide!

The first part of Snaffles and the Crystal Christmas Pudding is out this afternoon and readers have until 3pm on Friday to choose how the adventure ends. The final part will go live on Monday 15th December.

To celebrate, I’ve even popped on my new Christmas jumper. Ta-daaaaaa!


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