The Weatherman returns in this week’s Beano, plus a Dodge-free day, being interviewed in the Bristol Post and Supercomics Sunday!

It’s Saturday, so stop whatever you’re doing and get down to the newsagent if you haven’t got this week’s Beano.

It’s a particularly giggle-worthy issue this week from the two Nigels’ wonderfully bonkers Dennis the Menace strip (which sees Dennis and Gnasher genetically spliced together!) to Minnie the Minx regenerating into Doctor Why thanks to my old mucker Iain McLaughlin.

Of course, there are also a couple of stories from me and Wayne Thompson. First up, I tick off another classic Bananaman villain from my list by having Little Eric come up against the wicked Weatherman.


Later, Roger turns over a new leaf and bets his Dad that he can go a full day without dodging!


Can he do it? Well, grab the issue to find out.

It’s been a bit of a comic-based week for me, what with the news about my new Doctor Who comic yesterday and also being interviewed by the Bristol Post about writing for the Beano as well as the importance of comics for child literacy.


According to the write-up, I am a ‘comic genius’. Who knew?

Although, according to the picture I’m also a comic genius who forgot to take the fire warning label off his new study chair! Whoops!

And the comics theme continues this weekend with Supercomics Sunday at the M-Shed in Bristol tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll be able to come along. As I think I mentioned a few times over at Girls Heart Books, it’s FREE!

Here’s the run-down if you’ve missed me banging on about it:

Supercomics Sunday1-2pm – Creating Crazy Comic Characters Workshop

I team up with my Beano cohort, artist Wayne Thompson, to lead a workshop for children. Discover how o create crazy comic characters
– and start getting them into trouble!

2-3pm – Pirate Workshop

Huw Powell, author of Spacejackers, runs a workshop based on his exciting new book series.

3-4pm – Next Generation Readers Panel 

A panel and Q&A discussing the future of comics. What is the future of British comics and how can we encourage the next generation of fans? I’ll be on the panel alongside Laura Howell (BeanoToxicMooseKid), Tom Plant (Beano), and Rob Williams (2000 ADDoctor Who, Marvel Comics).

Come along to make sure I’m wearing my Bananaman badge!


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