The (quickly-solved) Banana-Badge mystery

I love twitter, me!

Earlier, while going through an old box to find something for this week’s Supercomics Sunday event, I found this old Bananaman badge.


I popped a picture on Twitter, wondering aloud which comic it had come from; the Nutty (Bananaman’s original home) or the Dandy?

The comments started coming in, even prompting the suggestion that it was a – gasp – Banana-bootleg!

But then, the wonderful people in the Beano office came to my aid. Mark McIlmail, the Beano‘s resident graphic wizard went straight to legendary DC Thomson editor Morris Heggie and duly reported back that Morris said it came from Nutty, ‘without a doubt’. Morris could even tell me the name of the letterer – Mr Lawson Dear. Mark thinks that the Banana-artist was Jimmy Glen.

In fact, it wasn’t too long before Mark tweeted this picture:


So, there we go. I’ve had this badge for 31 years! I’m going to wear it to Supercomics Sunday with pride!


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