Pathfinder Legends: Fortress of the Stone Giants

PLRR104_fortressofthestonegiantscover_600It’s new audio play day!

My new Pathfinder Legends audio is out now from Big Finish Productions. Fortress of the Stone Giants is based on the role playing game by Paizo Publishing and sees our brave band of adventurers facing an army of vicious giants with murder and looting in mind.

I am very excited this one is out as it means I can tick something off my bucket list. I’ve written something featuring a dragon! There’s also a couple of harpies in there too! Giants, dragons and harpies. You’ve got to be happy with that!

Here’s the cast list, including none other than a Slitheen and Young Sherlock Holmes himself:

  • Ian Brooker (Harsk)
  • Kerry Skinner (Merisiel / Almara)
  • Stewart Alexander (Valeros)
  • Trevor Littledale (Ezren)
  • Yuriri Naka (Ameiko Kaijitsu)
  • Toby Longworth (Belor Hemlock)
  • Steven Wickham (Longtooth)
  • Annette Badland (Shayliss Vinder / Conna the Wise / Almera)
  • Mark Donovan (Teraktinus)
  • Harry Myers (Mokmurian)
  • Nicholas Rowe (Karzoug)
  • David Dobson, John Banks, and Jason Mitchell (The Stone Giants)

Fortress of the Stone Giants is available on CD or download right this very minute!


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