Well, *that* was a week and a half

Ninth-doctor-figurine-collectionPhew! What a week!

On Monday this fella turned up on my desk. It’s the Ninth Doctor from the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, or as I call him, my ‘why are you not writing?’ Doctor!

And boy, did I need him this week.

First up I finished the rewrites on my codenamed Project: Spooky script and then moved straight onto a joint project with Mark Wright.

Then I submitted an outline for a new comic series (can everyone keep their fingers crossed for me please? Ta!), wrote chapter two of Curious Cal (which went live on the Fiction Express site a couple of hours ago), scripted 5 Beano strips, continued with my latest Skylanders book, had a meeting at a local school about a long-term project (more on that next week), and worked on a Sherlock Holmes short story to boot.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’s Big Finish Day 5 in Slough. BF Days are always good fun and a great chance to catch up with friends that I don’t see enough, plus meet Big Finish fans too. Expect my con report next week.


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