New Reluctant Reader coming soon from Badger Learning: The Changeling by Cavan Scott

Badger Learning have revealed the cover and details of my next Teen Read for Reluctant Readers.

Here it is:


And here’s the blurb:

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? That you’re not the same as everyone else?

Lisa has felt like that all her life but just can’t put her finger on why.

Then, at a family wedding, she discovers a devastating truth that shakes her understanding of her own existence – not to mention the whole world – as she knows it.

Clap your hands three times. You should never say you don’t believe in fairies.

Badger also say very nice things about the book here:

Cavan Scott conjures a tragic tale centered around one of the mysteries of magical folklore. Guaranteed to set imaginations alight, The Changeling promises the sinister content that teenage readers love, and< is at the same time tailor-made for those with a lower reading age of 8-9.

As the title suggests, the story is based around one of my favourite aspects of fairy folklore, the Changeling in the crib. In this case, they also asked me to up the wordcount to 7,000 words which gave the story more room to prove, something I was very grateful for.

The third wave of Teen Read books will be hitting schools and book shelves later this month – and here’s the full line up:

  • Just Bite by Tommy Donbavand
  • Copy Cat by Tommy Donbavand
  • The Locals by Tim Collins
  • Joke Shop by Tim Collins
  • The Changeling by Cavan Scott
  • Mister Scratch by Tony Lee
  • Snow White, Black Heart by Jacqueline Rayner
  • Insectoids by Roger Hurn
  • The Wishing Doll by Beverly Sanford
  • Death Road by Jon Mayhew
  • Nightmare by Ann Evans
  • Ghost Bell by Mark Wright

Good to see some mates joining the Teen Read number including Jacqueline Rayner, Jon Mayhew and Beverly Sanford. You can see more of the covers here.


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