New Book Day: Angry Birds Treasure Island

A-harrrrrrrrrr! New book ahoy, m’hearties.

Here’s the cover to Angry Birds Treasure Island – out right now, you scurvy hogs – in which I mash-up Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel with those most furious of feathered friends and their grunting arch-enemies.


Here’s the official blurb:

Jay, Jim and Jake Hawkins long to be sailors and spend their days listening to old Billy Beak’s tales of the high seas. So when they discover Billy Beak’s long-hidden treasure map, they set sail immediately with a crew of suspiciously green pirate birds, led by a cook called Long John Smooth Cheeks . . .

Can the Hawkins find the fabled Easter Egg Island, and can they trust their new pirate shipmates? Find out in this epic adventure based on Robert Stevenson’s original swashbuckling tale. Featuring the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies, this classic mash-up is sure to appeal to every Angry Birds fan.

I must admit, I had a blast writing this, based as it is on one of my favourite books. So much so, that I talk about the pirate pigs and appeal of the mash-up over at Girl’s Heart Books today.

Angry Birds Treasure Island is published by Puffin Books and available from Amazon, other online retailers and all good bookshops. 


  1. Loving your suggestions for mash-ups, especially Batman and Black Beauty. I’ve been toying with two ideas; Dick Turpin, Zombie Hunter, and The Scarlet Pimpernel, Vampire Slayer.

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