The secret origin of Roger the Dodger’s resident bully, Cruncher Kerr.

Here’s a little bit of behind-the-scenes info for you – last week’s World Cup Roger the Dodger was supposed to be in this week’s Beano. Lucky, the Beano big-wigs decided to pull it forward a week so it at least appeared while England were still contenders in Brazil. What do you mean, they never were! Shame on you! Roger did his bit, after all. Hmmm. Maybe that was the problem.

This week, Roger is back in the sun, heading to Beanotown-on-Sea to take part in the annual Sand Sculpture Championships – well, OK, so Dave ends up doing most of the work.


But what will the pair do when Cruncher Kerr turns up to demolish Dave’s hard work?

Cruncher Kerr

I love Wayne’s version of Roger’s classic villain. It’s always fun doing a Cruncher story – but did you know Cruncher’s secret origin?

Roger’s nemesis was named after former editor Euan Kerr. The funny thing is that Euan couldn’t be more different from the Beanotown bully.  Certainly, no-one could imagine him clobbering anyone  – let alone knocking down sand-castles.

Beano-TennisThat is until one afternoon in the 1980s. According to my sources, a Beano team-member came into the office everyone in the office in a bad way. The staff were all wearing bandages, sporting eye-patches or had their arms in slings. When she asked what had happened, she was told Euan had gone loopy. His rampage had started when a member of staff had dared asked for a day off! Now people were getting battered because Euan didn’t like their scripts – or because his tea had gone cold!

The gullible staff-member fell for the prank, hook, line and sinker, where of course, in real life, Euan was in on the joke. The Beano editor wouldn’t hurt a fly – even one that was buzzing around wearing a ‘Euan looks like Walter the Softie’ T-Shirt.

Cruncher Kerr on the other hand will probably aways be a nasty piece of work.

Either way, it’s another corking Beano this week with Andy Murray causing a racket as Guest Editor. Hang on? Shouldn’t Andy be a little busy right now! Go on – buy your Beano today!


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