Skunk Woman returns in this week’s Bananaman – plus Roger gets sporty!

It’s half-term and I’m camping in sunny(isn) Dorset, so I’ve only just seen this week’s Beano, which once again has not one, but two scripts by me.

First up is my second Bananaman, which is a cavalcade of old villains. There’s General Blight, Doctor Gloom and King Zorg of the Nerks. I also slipped in one of my favourite baddies from the early days of the Nutty – Skunk Woman. Batman has Catwoman. Bananaman has an iconic villainess who smells really bad. Figures! Here’s the pongy pest back in the 80s…


And here she is making a cameo in this week’s strip, once again drawn by Wayne Thompson.


I love bringing back these old Nutty villains and have just written a batch of Bananamans full of some of Nanabrain’s earliest rogues, shooting them back into the 21st Century – but you’ll have to wait for those ones. Next week, Kev F is back writing the big blue buffoon!

Meanwhile, back in this week’s issue Roger the Dodger is forced to endure Sports Day at Bash Street School, and finds himself showed up by his new rival Hank Hunk!

Here’s Wayne’s pencils for the strip…

Roger Sports Day Roughs

And the final art!


Love the look on Roger’s face in that bottom left panel!

Will Rog get gold for Dodging? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out. Drop everything and buy this week’s Beano now. Yes, even if you’re holding a priceless Ming vase!


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