Double trouble with Minnie AND Roger in this week’s Beano

Having another manic week doing all kinds of exciting things, but wanted to stop by and give a shout out to today’s Beano which has not one, but two scripts by little old me.

First up is Minnie the Minx, with art by the stupendous Nigel Parkinson. This week’s episode sees Minnie planning the ultimate trap for PC Pimple. But will it work?


And then later in the issue you’ll find Roger the Dodger, drawn by the wonderful Wayne Thompson. This week Roger and Dad team up to stop Mum going to the Swanky-Clothes-For-Mums sale. Here’s Wayne’s inks for page 2:


To find out if Rog and Dad get away with it, you’ll need to pick up this week’s Beano in all good newsagents. You never know, it might be in some bad newsagents as well. If not, then feel free to tell the shop owner off in no uncertain terms. After all, surely every shop should sell the Beano by law! Yes, even greengrocers. And if that’s not a law, then it should be!

In other Beano-related news, I received this exciting tweet today:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 22.44.03


That’s right – my first Bananaman is on the way! And it apparently deserves a Foo Fighters soundtrack. Sweet!

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