Steven Moffat searches for generous Doctor Who fan

Tardis-ballNow here’s a lovely story. On the night of the 50th Anniversary a Doctor Who fan thrust this rather lovely carved wooden ball into showrunner Steven Moffat’s hand. He clutched it all night, like a talisman, getting him through all manner of stressful moments, including a disastrous televised satellite link with members of One Direction.

Since then, it’s been sitting on his desk by his computer reminding him, in his own words, that: “however stressful Doctor Who gets, it is also very beautiful.”

Steven’s now trying to track down the generous soul to drop them a line. Do you know who the mysterious fan might be?


Isn’t Twitter a wonderful thing? Almost as soon as the call went out on Twitter, the artist was tracked down. Looks like it was this rather talented young lady! She made it and her best friend gave it to Steven on the night in question.

Wow! I might want one of her creations for myself. Wonder if she takes orders? I’ll have to break out my rusty GCSE French!


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