Monster Fun at the Doctor Who Experience

Had a great day yesterday at the Doctor Who Experience in (very) sunny Cardiff, taking part in their Monster Family Day Out.

It all kicked off with a new version of the Vortex Challenge game show I hosted at the Doctor Who 50th Celebration last November.


Basically a version of ye olde TV favourite Runaround, I posed Doctor Who trivia questions and the crowd had to rush to the corner of the room that matched the correct answer. There were some serious Doctor Who buffs present, so I had to get extremely tricky with the questions to whittle them all down to a winner. It was worth it though – the prizes were all signed by some bloke called Matt Smith. Ever heard of him?

The sister of one of the lucky winners tweeted a picture of her little brother receiving his prize – check out my natty microphone and wearable speaker combo.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.08.53

Elsewhere in the Experience, I ran Monster Mash workshops where kids got a chance to create their own Doctor Who monsters. Pictured below is Uther (great name!), who designed a monster that was half-starfish, half-octopus. He even managed to plot a full episode around his alien horror. Watch out Steven Moffat, Uther’s after your job.

(Actually, he did tell me if he had to choose, he’d rather be Matt Smith than Mr Moffat. Sorry Steven!)


We packed in as many Monster Mash workshops and Vortex Challenges as we could and I also recorded a special fact-filled video that will be appearing on the official BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel soon. I’ll post that when it goes live.

It was great to see so many families enjoying the good Doctor’s exploits and also catch up with Mike Tucker, who was demonstrating the model work in the TV show, plus watch the make-up wizards from Millennium FX transform a model into a hideous alien witch. Creepy!

Oh, I also managed to get my photo taken on board the Silence spaceship. The odd thing is that I don’t remember the fellow in the black being there with me…


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