A story buffet at the BristolCon Fringe

A great night last night at the BristolCon fringe. I don’t get to go enough due to other commitments on a Monday evening, but was free this week so headed down to the Shakespeare in Bristol city centre.

Usually a couple of authors read at the Fringe but on this occasion is was a full-on flash fiction special with eight – yes eight – readers, described during the intro as a ‘story buffet’.

And what a buffet we had. There were comets delivered in the mail, pregnant Brian Coxes, butchers selling dubious wares, werewolf police getting propositioned by drunken Mancunians, creepy garden gnomes, green men, 3D-printed pleasure dolls, girls at the end of the universe and road kill obsessed little brothers.

The readers in question were Louise Gethin, Kevlin Henney, Pauline Masurel, Cheryl Myfanwy Morgan, Justin Newland, Jonathan Pinnock, Jonathan L. Howard and Pete Sutton.

It was a great idea for an event and made me wanting to scribble my own flash fiction – plus a chance to catch up with friends too.

Next month, it’s back to the usual format and one of the readers is, gulp, me. I’m sharing the mic with Justin Newland, who had me spellbound with his tarot-inspired story tonight.

No pressure there then! You can find us reading on Monday 19th May.

You can find out more about the Fringe events here.





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