Meet Snaffles the Cat Burglar

OK, I’m excited about this. Really, really excited!

After the success of The Gloom Lord, I’m back writing another interactive e-book for Fiction Express later this month.

Fiction Express have just this minute released the cover and blurb. Take a look at this:


How fabulous! Best of all, the cover art is by the great Hunt Emerson, one of my all time comic heroes! So, so chuffed!

Here’s that blurb:

When notorious cat burglar Snaffles and his dim canine sidekick Bonehead are caught red-pawed trying to steal the Sensational Salmon of Sumatra, not everything is what it seems. Their capture leads them on a top secret mission for the Ministry of Secret Shenanigans.

Will they succeed? The readers decide.

It’s the same deal as before. I write a chapter, giving the readers three options of where the story should go next. They vote and I write the next chapter based on which option won!

This time, I’m aiming to go wiiiild with the options too!

Can’t wait to get started!

Find out more about Fiction Express here!

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