Billy Button cover revealed

Badger Learning has revealed the cover of Billy Button, my latest Teen Read book for reluctant readers. Here it is:


Always found faces at windows a bit creepy, me!

On their website Badger says:

When Liam Chase’s forgotten imaginary childhood friend pays him an unexpected visit, his world is turned upside down. It becomes obvious that he is not happy about Liam’s lack of thought for him over the years as sinister circumstances begin to unfold at school and at home. How can Liam make everyone see what’s really happening before it’s too late?

Teen Reads’ favourite Cavan Scott returns with a twisted tale for reluctant readers that will send shivers up your spine. Cavan wrote two titles for Badger Learning’s first Teen Reads series and is back for more, his passion for encouraging less able readers as evident as ever.

You can find out more about the second Teen Read series on the New Resources for School website.

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