The Hunted reviewed, plus writing a YA novel…

The HuntedThis line from Jenny Davies’ review of The Hunted has made me grin like a loon:

These books have now made me want a full-length YA novel from Cavan Scott; I think he’d do a good job and I for one would definitely read it. He’s got a knack when it comes to writing for teens, whether it be about people running from a mystery threat or horrid witches who live in old oak trees. The more twisted and horrifying, the better!

Wow! That’s quite a compliment there.

Wondrous Reads has given the reluctant reader book a pretty wondrous review, saying:

Like Cavan Scott’s previous Badger Learning book, Mama Barkfingers, there’s an air of the unknown in The Hunted. It’s subtle and keeps you guessing, leaving the reader wanting much, much more. I finished this book with many questions that I doubt will ever get answered, so I’ll have to come up with my own history of events.

As for that novel? Well, as I mentioned to Jenny on Twitter, I am writing a YA novel, the first in what I hope will become a new series. At the moment I’m only 14,000 words in, but am aiming to get at least 2500 words written a week, fitting it around my Skylanders, Warhammer, Beano and Blake’s 7 work. I’ll find the time. The characters have already got under my skin so I’ll keep chipping away and will probably bore you all rigid about it over the next few months. I’m aiming for a word count of between 50-60,000 so the first draft should be finished by July at this rate.

At the moment, the novel is codenamed Sovereign – although I’m pretty much settled on the real title. As for what it’s about, well, that’s for me to know and you all to find out hopefully. Needless to say, as I’m writing it, there are monsters. And explosions.

And a man with the face of a bulldog…


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