Who is Billy Button and what pests need to be controlled? New Teen Reads from Badger Learning.

The HuntedA little bit of news to finish the week. Following the success of Mama Barkfingers, The Hunted and the rest of the Reluctant Reader Teen Reads line, Badger Learning has announced 10 more books to be published in May. Pleased to say that I’m writing two of them. In fact, I’m in the middle of drafting one today.

Here’s the full line-up:

  • Billy Button by Cavan Scott
  • Pest Control by Cavan Scott
  • Ward 13 by Tommy Donbavand
  • Dead Scared by Tommy Donbavand
  • Deadly Mission by Mark Wright
  • Underground by Simon Cheshire
  • Troll by Tim Collins
  • Dawn of the Daves by Tim Collins
  • Jigsaw Lady by Tony Lee
  • Stalker by Tony Lee

More info as I can release it. Badger Learning are working on the covers as we speak and I hear they look fantastic. Can’t wait.


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