The Write Path


Two blogs in one day? Good heavens! Whatever could be the reason?

Well, its because I’m very proud to be part of the Write Path today. This is a schools literacy project run by the amazing Bev Humphrey.

Here she explains more about the project:

The Write Path has been running for six years now and it continues to be the best fun I have all year. Each year I ask published authors and poets to write either the first paragraph of a story or the first stanza of a poem for young people all over the world to continue and complete. 6 stories or poems are worked on each day, with the starter paragraphs/stanzas being placed on the ning early in the morning as blog posts. The schools that are taking part that day then have 1 hour to put a continuation on each of the stories if they are of secondary school age or one and a half hours for primary schools. Poetry entrants have an hour and a half also.  Usually schools use students working in pairs, taking a poem or story each but some schools will work as a group or class.

Today my contribution is up on the Write Path website, a story starter about a boy who finds his world turned upside down when he wakes one morning. I can’t wait to read what the children come up with.

Pic: Shutterstock / Leszek Glassier

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