“What’s the best part about writing a book?”

A cracking author’s visit yesterday at the Cheddar Grove Primary school in Bristol, brainstorming ideas and going through how comic strips are put together as part of their animation week.

As usual, I left the end of the sessions open for Q&As and was asked a question I’ve never been asked before. It’s a great one too:

“What’s the best part about writing a book?”

To be honest, that’s something I’ve never had to put into words before and it really made me think. Is it coming up with the killer idea that sparks everything off? Starting writing new characters? Finishing the first draft? Finishing the final draft (and having a cup of tea?)

Nope, actually I think for me the best part about writing a book, comic or an audio play is when it’s published. First of all, you can hold it in your hand (or your e-reader if it’s digital) and say, “I did that!”

But best of all, people will (hopefully) be reading or listening to your work. They’ll be experiencing what you’ve poured your life and soul into. Sometimes you’ll get feedback, and sometimes the feedback will be good, sometimes it will be bad. Whatever happens, there’s an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that its been released into the wild. It’s scary and exciting in equal measures and always gives me a buzz.

That’s definitely my best part about writing a book.

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