Author visit to Hambrook Primary School – Flying giraffes, meatball worlds and evil laughs galore

hambrookAnother great school visit today, this time at Hambrook Primary School in Bristol.

The school is in the process of moving into a brand spanking new building, so it was very cool to be given the chance to lead some of the first sessions in the shiny new classrooms. As there were a load of Sarah Jane Adventures fans in the room, we even gave the sound system a quick try out by listening to a bit of Wraith World.

In the morning, we worked through my ‘Questions, questions, questions’ workshop that sees the school transported to all manner of weird and wonderful locations. Together we travelled to prehistoric earth, zombie-infested jungles, a planet made of meatballs and even the inside of a giant’s tooth. There were some suitably gruesome ideas – although one of my favourites was the candy world where the sweets eat the children, rather than the other way around.

In another activity we encouraged the children to tell complete and utter porkies (all in the name of creativity, you understand), coming up with wild ways to travel to school. Apparently the children of Hambrook often zip in on flying giraffes, hijack alien airships or even pilot oil tankers through the village – well, it has been raining a lot!

In the afternoon it was over to the local church to talk to the entire school about how and why I became a writer – and play some exceptionally silly games! Here’s a little known fact – the girls of Hambrook Primary School are much, much better at evil laughs than the boys. Come on lads, you need to get practicing. 

After half-term the children will be enjoying a Science Fiction week. If the imaginations I witnessed today are anything to go by, it’ll be, ahem, out of this world!

Only one thing disturbed me. This morning’s sessions were watched over by this little lady, perched on a window sill in one of the classroom. I named her Doreen after someone I once worked with who constantly complained of splitting headaches.

How brilliant is she though? You could come up with some great stories about Doreen coming alive when no-one’s looking.

Might be something for the Science Fiction week, that!



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